Conceição Gamito, Rita Simão Luís and Nidia Rebelo contribute to the publication "Cadernos IVA 2023", the eleventh edition of a project promoted by Católica Tax, coordinated by Professor Sérgio Vasques.

This book is a collection of works on VAT by authors specialising in this area from the fields of consultancy, law, academia and business.

VdA contributes to the publication "Cadernos IVA 2023" with two articles, one by Conceição Gamito and Nídia Rebelo, co-authored with the title "The Resale of Salvage by Insurance Companies - The Generali Seguros Case", and the other by Rita Simão Luís, co-authored with the title "The Concept of Therapeutic Purpose and Medical Devices".

See the publication here.