Miguel Marques dos Santos interviewed by the Jornal Económico, for a supplement dedicated to Urban Rehabilitation

“the recent reform proposals of urban rental are a serious threat for urban rehabilitation”

In a special edition dedicated to the Urban Rehabilitation, Miguel Marques dos Santos, was interviewed for the Friday edition, on the 23d November.

For Miguel Marques dos Santos, partner in the real estate area, “urban renewal is crossing an excellent moment. The situation we’re living in couldn’t be anticipated 10 years ago. Portugal lived dozens of years in a new construction paradigm, where urban rehabilitation was practically inexistent. However, from 2012 on, the last govern implemented a set of measures that constituted the base for a change of that paradigm”, adding that “the rehabilitation is spreading to medium cities around the country”, and that “by now, what we see is a return to a progressive financing, and good real estate projects, such as the rehabilitation, that are being now financed with no difficulties”.