Conceição Gamito (Senior Adviser), Filipe de Vasconcelos Fernandes (Senior Consultant), Mélanie Pereira (Consultant) and Rita Simão Luís (Associate) teach a workshop, organised by the Vasco Vieira de Almeida Foundation in collaboration with GRACE - Responsible Companies, a non-profit business association of public utility that operates in the areas of social responsibility and sustainability.

The workshop entitled "Corporate Investment in the Community" aims to convey information on the legal and tax framework of donations and sponsorships, as well as other forms of social investment in the community by companies.

The workshop will address the main differences, pros and cons of each of the alternatives presented, and recommendations will be made as to the main precautions to take, in order to reduce the risk of the Tax Authority understanding that a donation made by a company is, after all, a sponsorship.