Carolina Vaza and Francisco Granja de Almeida (Associates) wrote an article entitled "The social challenges of the Blue Economy: the other side of sustainability" published in the newsletter "Sustainability Guidelines|Blue Economy", in a joint initiative of BCSD, VdA and PWC Portugal, whose editorial is signed by Assunção Cristas (Of Counsel, head of the firm’s ESG Integrated Services Platform and Environment practice area).

"The paradigm shift in the perception of human beings in relation to the use and exploitation of the Ocean and their subsequent need to "look to the sea", was at the origin of the exponential development of the exploitation of this resource, as well as the growth of various activities related to its use. According to data made available by the United Nations Organization, 2.4 billion people - that is, around 40% of the world's population - live within 100 km of the coast. This pressure on coastal areas, increasingly visible and alarming, has led to the potentiation of several problems - both on land and at sea."

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