Rui Alves (Technology Director) and Sofia Barata (Head of practice of the Corporate Services Unit) are quoted in a special report by Jornal Económico dedicated to the new Era of technology in law firms, which is allowing professionals to focus on their "soft skills", leaving more repetitive and automated work to programmes developed through Artificial Intelligence.

Rui Alves states that "the overwhelming majority of suppliers offer cloud-based solutions, which on the one hand helps to uncomplicate the physical infrastructure of hardware and software base, but on the other complicates all issues related to security, privacy of information, integration with other solutions, communications latencies, among others".

Sofia Barata, quoted in the article on "Technology and automation at the service of a human and emotional area", says "digital and technological transformation will intensify, above all, in gains of efficiency and optimisation, through the reinforcement of analysis, classification and automation of documents - mostly through artificial intelligence platforms, bots technology for task automation, optimisation and management of judicial and administrative processes and project management".

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