Joaquim Pedro Lampreia writes for Público online

“That our system establishes a particularly burdensome taxation for the savings that should be encouraged more is something extraordinary and that is urgent to correct.”

Joaquim Pedro Lampreia, partner, writes the opinion article “Savings, taxation and the contrary incentives” for Público online.

For the partner, “The promotion of savings should be a national goal, since it would mitigate two of the biggest problems that astonishes the Portuguese economy: the lack of capital, and the excessive dependence in extern finance, and the economic challenge caused by the aging of the population.”

Joaquim Pedro Lampreia thinks that urgent incentives should be made to promote savings, including the elimination of an actual perversity that is affecting the tax benefit applicable to pension funds and PPR.

Quoting Warren Buffet, “Don’t save leftovers after spending, spend the leftovers after saving”, an advice not being followed by the Portuguese families.

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