Tiago Marreiros Moreira, Miguel C. Reis, Samuel Fernandes de Almeida and Francisco Cabral Matos (Partners) write an article published in the ILO - International Law Office newsletter, Lexology, entitled "Preventing misuse of shell entities for tax purposes - is Portugal ready for ATAD 3?", in which they explain and develop the specificities of the Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive 3 and the challenges to its implementation in Portugal.

“On 22 December 2021, the European Commission released a proposal for a directive to prevent the misuse for tax purposes of shell entities and amend the Directive on Administrative Cooperation in the field of taxation (DAC). The implementation of Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive 3 (ATAD 3) will impact the current legal framework applicable to companies that are resident in Portugal for tax purposes, as well as their access to benefits and tax regimes under Portuguese tax law.”

Read the article here.