Assunção Cristas recently gave an interview to the Jornal de Negócios, in which she discussed the "New Carbon Market" in Portugal. During the conversation, she emphasised the importance of the new law which, according to her, lays the foundations for the creation of a regulated voluntary carbon market in the country.

The lawyer stressed that the main aim of this new market is to promote sustainable practices and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, pointing out that the law creates a specific regulatory system, emphasising that "it is not to be confused with existing schemes".

Throughout the interview, Assunção Cristas warned of possible misunderstandings when interpreting the new model, emphasising the importance of understanding the differences between this voluntary carbon market and the initiatives already in place. She emphasised the need to educate the population and companies about the implications and benefits of the new system, encouraging active participation in mitigating climate change.

The new law, which is currently being discussed in parliament, aims to establish effective mechanisms for reducing carbon emissions, while creating opportunities for companies to adopt more sustainable practices.

Read the interview here.