VdA's Lisbon office goes far beyond mere new premises

It's an innovative office that aims to transform the organizational concept itself and with a very unique approach for a law firm or any other same-size firm from a different industry.

The way in which we organize ourselves in space are of paramount importance to work dynamics and organizational culture, and the team’s size and estimate growth required a concept of office that could promote an environment of greater closeness and integration. The opportunity to design a space that reflected this collaborative approach to work was therefore a natural step.

Keeping the fundamental structure of the original building at the same time as keeping its history, memory and cultural heritage, we have chosen some of the most innovative technological solutions, thus undergoing a profound transformation embracing the digital challenges we foresee in the future.

On the other hand, with this move to the riverside district of Santos, we led the transformational trend occurring in an area of town that is awakening to a new life, located in a city undergoing major changes towards sustainability and inclusivity. To better take advantage of this environment, we have developed a project of electric mobility, and promoted several partnerships with the main companies and entities within this unique corporate ecosystem, notably with regard to innovation, art and culture.

These core elements profoundly reflect the firm's DNA, and are key differentiating factors strongly contributing towards talent attraction.

Provided it returns a true vision of an organization's identity, an office may be an important hallmark. We were committed to making our office a genuine reflection of VdA's culture and values, providing a consistent and thorough experience for our clients. So far, we are very pleased with the feedback we are receiving from our clients as well as the widespread recognition of its architectural designs from the most reputed international awards such as Architizer A+Awards.