Joaquim Pedro Lampreia (Partner) is quoted in a Jornal de Negócios article, in which 125 leading personalities in their areas of activity, are asked about their economic and social forecasts for Portugal in 2022.

"I have recourse to Aristotle and his narrative structure: 2022 will be the 2nd act - that of the crescendo of action - in which the protagonist tries to solve the problems, but they become thicker. On one side, heavy clouds bring the economic bill of the pandemic, with inflation, global dysfunction, bankruptcies, speculative bubbles and social contestation. On the other side, the sun seems to want to come out, with technological innovations, new markets and new opportunities created by the post-pandemic reconstruction. Act 3 - that of the climax - may, with any luck, not occur until 2023, in which everything will be resolved triumphantly or in tragedy."

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