As part of the process accompanied by VdA, Joaquim Pedro Lampreia was quoted by Jornal de Negócios in an article entitled "CESE on renewables declared unconstitutional".

This article analyses the decision of the Constitutional Court (TC) to declare the legal regime of the Extraordinary Contribution for the Energy Sector (EESC) unconstitutional in terms of its applicability to power plants using renewable energy sources.

In this context, Joaquim Pedro Lampreia was quoted by Jornal de Negócios, to which he said, "the fact that renewables were initially exempt has always been, for the CC, a very important proof that the EESC was in fact a financial contribution and not a tax. The CC has always stressed, since its first ruling in 2019, that renewables already contribute to reducing the tariff deficit in other ways and also internalise the environmental cost precisely because they are renewables."

Joaquim Pedro Lampreia, Filipe de Vasconcelos Fernandes, Rita Pereira de Abreu, Ana Azevedo Pinto and Iolanda Duarte Morais participated in this judicial process.

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