Partners Nuno Ruiz and Ricardo Bordalo Junqueiro, and senior associate Cláudia Coutinho da Costa, participate in the 13th edition of the Postgraduate Course on Competition and Regulation, organised by the Economic, Financial and Tax Law Institute of the University of Lisbon School of Law, which begins on 1 March 2019.

Cláudia Coutinho da Costa participates in the 2nd module, on agreements between companies, with an analysis of the case study “When Unity is Strength: Joint Trading Platforms”, to be held on 16 March. In the 3rd module, on abuse of dominant position, to be held on 24 April, Ricardo Bordalo Junqueiro presents the case study “Abusive practices in regulated sectors”. In the closing session, on 7 May, Nuno Ruiz participates in the debate on the topic “(Almost) 40 Years of Competition Law and Policy in Portugal – what have we learned and what remains to be done?”.

See the agenda here.