VdA Academia hosts the VI Meeting of Corporate Academies, this year dedicated to “Building a Learning Mindset - The (Trans) Formation of Talent”. The event takes place today, November 26th, at NOVA School of Business and Economics (NOVA SBE), Carcavelos Campus, between 15h00 and 19h00. NOVA SBE and the Portuguese Psychologists Association are the Meeting partners and  Professor Nadim Habib, from NOVA SBE and Francisco Miranda Rodrigues, President of the Portuguese Psychologists Association, participate as guest speakers. Margarida Couto (partner) and Manuel Protásio (partner) open the Meeting and Rodrigo Esteves de Oliveira (partner) and Sandra Pedro Serrano (Talent Manager) close the event.
The Annual Meeting of Corporate Academies, launched by VdA Academia in 2014, is a discussion forum on the challenges inherent to Professional Development, Training and Talent, identified as strategic factors for the success of organizations, in an sharing experience and exchange environment.

Throughout its various editions, VdA Academia, together with its Partners, has sought to identify innovative and pioneering themes that raise the brainstorming of ideas in order to generate new ways of thinking and acting on matters related with training and skills development in a professional and personal context.
“Building a Learning Mindset - The (Trans) Formation of Talent” focuses on the importance of creating and implementing a culture of learning progress in organizations as a means of strategically managing people's potential and talent. In the face of the challenges that organizations area asked to meet, it is essential that organizations' strategy be enhanced by incorporating into their management ways of recognizing, validating and activating the potential of their employees.

Alongside this, and because companies are made of people, it is important to understand what individuals want for their individual growth, what motivates them to develop their skills and how they can contribute to this new mindset.
The VI Meeting of Corporate Academies is aimed at Corporate Academic leaders, Human Resources Managers, Managers, Economists, Trainers, Teachers, Consultants and Jurists and other professionals who deal with these issues on a daily basis.

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