In the context of the entry into force of the new Regulation on Waste Management, Cleaning and Urban Hygiene of Lisbon, which includes measures such as the prohibition of the use of non-recyclable plastic, among others that will impact companies and their environmental sustainability policies, Manuel Gouveia Pereira (Managing Associate) teaches a training course on the subject.

Through this training, its intended to educate more about this Regulation, how it will impact companies, and what changes should be implemented in order to respond to the several challenges it poses, including the novelties introduced by Law n.76/2019, of 2 September (non-use and non-availability of single-use plastic tableware in the activities of the restaurant and/or beverage sector and in the retail trade) and Law no. 88/2019, of 3 September (measures for the proper disposal, collection and treatment of tobacco product waste and measures to raise awareness and inform the population with a view to reducing the impact of this waste on the environment).

The training session "Talking about... Lisbon Waste Management, Cleaning and Urban Hygiene Regulations", promoted by GRACE, takes place on February 12, at VdA Auditorium in Lisbon.