Assunção Cristas (Of Counsel) participates as guest speaker in the event "Generating Energy for the World While Preserving the Planet", promoted by the Lisbon Club, with the aim of discussing the preservation of the planet and the living conditions of all species, reversing the effects of global warming, energy transition, among other relevant issues related to environmental protection.

The debate on the theme "Can the Ocean be a source of clean and renewable energy?" will feature Assunção Cristas, in which the following questions will be raised: "Can the seas offer viable and sustainable solutions to generate energy for the planet?", "In what way?" and "How has the Ocean, the main climatic stabilizer, been affected by the consequences of global warming and by the disproportionate increase of toxic waste and carbon dioxide, leading to its acidification?".

The conference "Generating Energy for the World and Preserving the Planet" takes place online on 21 and 22 February.

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