Vieira de Almeida will hold on 11 April, between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., a conference dedicated to the topic “Competition / Regulation - 2018 in review: Abuses and Unilateral Practices”.

After the presentation by Margarida Matos Rosa - President of the Competition Authority - on the 2018 milestones (Policies and Decisions) and priorities for 2019, there will follow the analysis, in the form of a debate, of the themes "Prices, Discounts and Discrimination", "Vertical restrictions: prices, quantities, qualities and territories" and "Access restrictions: refusal of access to factors of production, access agreements, competition or regulation". The debates will be moderated by Nuno Ruiz, partner in charge of VdA’s Competition & EU Area, Miguel Mendes Pereira and Ricardo Bordalo Junqueiro, partners of said Competition & EU Area.

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9:00 am
Reception of Participants

9:30 am

2018 Milestones (Policies and Decisions). Priorities for 2019

  • Margarida Matos Rosa
    President of the Competition Authority

10:00 am
Prices, discounts and discrimination
Moderator: Ricardo Bordalo Junqueiro | Lawyer, VdA

  • Ana Amante
    Director of the Restrictive Practices Department, Competition Authority
  • Nuno Alvim
    RBB Economics
  • Pedro Caro de Sousa
    OECD Competition Expert, Lecturer at Oxford and Reading Universities

11:00 am

11:30 am
Vertical restraints: prices, quantities, qualities and territories
Moderator: Miguel Mendes Pereira | Lawyer, VdA

  • André Forte
    Head of Other Practices Unit (Department of Restrictive Practices), Competition Authority
  • Ricardo Gonçalves
    Associate Professor at Católica Oporto Business School

12:15 pm Access restrictions: refusal of access to inputs, access agreements, competition or regulation
Moderator: Nuno Ruiz | Lawyer, VdA

  • João Cardoso Pereira
    Senior Economist, Department of Restrictive Practices (DPR), Competition Authority
  • Bruno Basalisco
    Copenhagen Economics
  • Miguel Moura e Silva
    Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon

13:00 pm
Close of event