Assunção Cristas, Of Counsel Responsible for the ESG Integrated Services Platform and Head of Practice Environment, participates as a speaker in the World Ocean Summit, which takes place on 27 and 28 February and 1 March, at the Lisbon Congress Center.

On February 27, Assunção Cristas will participate in the Strategy Session- "Supporting ocean startups and their leaders".

 On the following day, VdA's Of Counsel participates in the panel "Building Blue skills". This panel will address issues such as: "How can city leaders prepare their workers with the new skill sets of the blue economy? What can be done to ensure equitable access to education for a wide range of workers? How can cities work with academics and industry to build blue skills?"

Assunção Cristas ends this conference by participating in the panel discussion on: "How can the ocean help alleviate the energy crisis?", in which she discusses the main challenges ahead.

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