Assunção Cristas (Of Counsel) participated as a speaker at the event to present Biond, Forest Fibers from Portugal, which brought together experts from various sectors where the rebranding of the brand was presented and issues related to the development of innovative forest-based products were discussed, while contributing to circularity, promotion of ecosystem services, territorial cohesion and decarbonization in Portugal.

In a panel dedicated to "Forest-based Bio Industries and Sustainability", Assunção Cristas debated the main challenges faced in this context, together with Francisco Ferreira, Professor of NOVA School of Science and Technology, President of Zero, Jori Ringman, Director General of Cepi - Confederation of European Paper Industry and Francisco Gomes da Silva, Director General of Biond, Professor at the Instituto Superior de Agronomia.

The event took place on 31 October.

See here the programme