Paula Gomes Freire launches “Sustainable success, the future of technology, leadership and culture”.

Organizations have had to change significantly to keep up with the times and this has profoundly impacted their business models. The power of technology and the speed at which new realities such as Artificial Intelligence are thrust upon us, propel us into a future that has already arrived. A future in which the skills considered critical to navigate this new context successfully include new types of leadership. Leaders who are more aware that they need to shift their focus away from short-term financial performance to building collaborative multidisciplinary cultures, leveraging technology to make their organizations' success last. This involves taking Purpose and Culture as the block builders of true resilience, the constants that allow organizations to prepare for whatever the future holds.

Paula Gomes Freire’s new book offers insights on the chief future challenges that will impact the sustainability of organizations, a reflection that builds on the valuable contributions of reputed academics and experts across different sectors.