Cyber Security: Threats and Challenges | Practical Aspects

VdA's Privacy, Data Protection & Cybersecurity practice organizes a client seminar dedicated to cyber security issues. The event comes in a context where cyber incidents are a real threat to organizations, thus giving opportunity for companies to discuss the challenges they face and learn how to act before and after a ciberincidente, taking into account the existing regulatory framework.

The event takes place on March 10, with the participation of renown companies and players in the area, namely CIIWA, Sysvalue, Cybercrime department of the Prosecutor General's Office, Public Prosecutor of the Republic and the Director of Cybersecurity, Privacy and Business Continuity at PT Portugal.

The event will also have the intervention of Margarida Couto (TMT pratice partner), Magda Cocco (Privacy, Data Protection & Cybersecurity practice partner), Sofia Ribeiro Branco (Litigation & Arbitration practice partner), Sofia de Vasconcelos Casimiro (Privacy, Data Protection & Cybersecurity consulting associate) and Inês Antas de Barros (TMT practice senior associate).