What is the simplified support?

The simplified support is a support created for micro-enterprises, in a business crisis situation and which have benefited from the simplified Lay-off or from the gradual recovery support, in the amount of EUR 1,330 per employee covered by those measures, paid in a phased manner over 6 months.

This support is granted by the IEFP, I.P., upon presentation of an application, and is paid in one instalment per quarter after verification of the Company’s business crisis.  

The employer who benefits from this support must:

  • Maintain, with proof, its tax and social security situations regularized;
  • During the period of the measure and for a period of 90 days following its completion, companies are may not terminate employment contracts (or start the correspondent legal procedures) by:

(a) Collective dismissal;

(b) Individual redundancy; and/or

(c) Dismissal for unsuitability.

  • Maintain, during the period of the measure and for a period of 60 days following its completion, the employment level observed in the month of the application.

The employer that (i) during the first half of 2021 has benefited from simplified support , (ii) in the month of June 2021, remains in a situation of business crisis and (iii) has not benefited from simplified lay off or the gradual recovery support, is entitled to request an additional RMMG between July and September 2021.


Can Companies be benefiting from the Simplified Support and resort to the Gradual Recovery Support?

No. These measures are not cumulative.



This information is being updated on a regular basis.

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