The declaration of a state of emergency and its renewal have established a number of restrictions on the exercise of rights, such as the right of residence, movement and migration to any part of the national territory, as well as on the right of international movement. In this respect, it should be noted that the following measures were adopted:

  • Restrictions to the freedom of movement and loitering, citizens must stay at home, with limited movements for professional purposes, acquisition of essential services and goods, and assistance to dependant persons;

  • International flight bans to countries with COVID-19 pandemic and inter-island maritime passenger connections to and from the Islands of Santiago and Boavista, with the exception of flights and maritime connections for cargo transport, sanitary and civil protection purposes, evacuations of patients, duly authorized emergency situations, technical staff assigned to services and sectors considered essential;
  • Reduction of the frequency of circulation and capacity for half of urban and interurban public road transport of passengers;

 In regard to the maritime- sector, the following measures have been adopted:

  • Beach interdiction;
  • Prohibition of transport of people in boats and fishing boats;
  • Allowing transhipment operations at points, ports and bays duly designated by the competent authority.



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