Are courts still working?

Courts shall continue to work, at least in such a way as to ensure that urgent acts and proceedings are carried out in person, in particular those related to minors, imprisoned defendants and people placed under arrest after the declaration of a state of emergency, as well as in the context of precautionary measures.

Magistrates should continue to work on non-urgent cases from their respective homes.


Are persons summoned for any procedural acts required to attend?

As mentioned above, in-person hearings and acts can be held in urgent proceedings provided that certain conditions are met; anyone summoned to the same must therefore appear before the court. In any event, failure to appear can always be justified based on justifiable reasons, subject to the judge’s acceptance of such justification.


What happens to running deadlines during the epidemiological crisis?

According to no. 8 of Decree-Law No. 6/20, of 6 May, all judicial deadlines are suspended, at least, until 17 May 2020.




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