Are courts still working?

Decree 42/2020, whereby a State of Alarm for Health Reasons is declared in Equatorial Guinea, sets forth that Public Administration Services and those of the State Private Sector will continue working as usual and complying with the instructions of the Government and other Bodies with authority for such purpose. In addition, save for the exceptions detailed below, no specific measure has been adopted to generally suspend the work of courts. By combining the aforementioned two circumstances, our best interpretation is that courts should work as usual.

The above said, other measures adopted to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Equatorial Guinea and its impact in the Country during court sessions should be complied with, namely by ensuring that (i) no more than ten (10) employees are at the same room; and (ii) all attending wear masks and gloves.


Are persons summoned for any procedural acts required to attend?

In our view, unless it is possible to justify non-attendance (for health or other valid reasons), and such justification is accepted by the court, persons summoned to attend court should attend the procedural act.



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