Are the risks inherent to COVID-19 covered by the insurance policies?

The answer to this questions depends on the actual insurance policy. As the declaration of COVID-19 as a Pandemic by the WHO is a somewhat new situation, we cannot assume that an insurance policy covers the risks inherent to COVID-19. Accordingly, it is vital that the insurance policy be reviewed to understand if it is possible to argue that an insurance claim in this context corresponds to the risks covered by the policy in question.

It is important in particular to check if there are no exclusions leaving this situation outside of the policy coverage, namely because of the wording used when setting out the exclusions, which may be more or less detailed and/or make more or less general references to diseases, epidemics or pandemics. It is also important to consider how the terms used intersect with the guidelines issued by the WHO and other official Health Authorities.

The policy conditions need in addition to be quickly and thoroughly assessed in respect of deadlines to file insurance claims with the insurance company, as well as their contents’ requirements and means of proof required for the beneficiary to exercise the corresponding rights.



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