Have exceptional measures been adopted with regard to the import of goods?

Yes; in accordance with the Provisional Presidential Legislative Decree no. 1/21, of 14 September (“Provisional Decree 1/21”), the levying and payment of customs duties due upon the importation of essential goods of broad public consumption is suspended.


Does this measure apply to all essential foodstuff?

No; only to the goods listed in the Annex of Provisional Decree 1/21, which include the following:

  • rice
  • pig meat
  • cattle meat
  • chicken meat
  • grain of maize
  • powdered milk
  • cooking oil


For how long will these exceptional measures be in place?

This exceptional regime entered into force on 14 September 2021 with the publication of Provisional Decree 1/21, and its validity is extended for an additional 70-day period, as of 23 November 2021, as prescribed by by Provisional Presidential Legislative Decree no. 2/2021.



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