During this period, how will the Medical Boards work to assess disabled people’s level of disability?

  • An exceptional regime has been established to set up medical boards for the assessment of disabled people’s level of disability. Each Regional Health Administration will ensure the creation of at least one medical board for these purposes per grouping of health centers or local health unit.

What procedures should be adopted regarding Personal Assistance?

  • Taking into consideration the population supported, it is important to continue to meet the needs identified by those with disabilities, without interruption, to the extent possible and with all due care, without prejudice to any specific guidelines to the contrary issued by the local health authorities and the prevention recommendations issued by the Directorate-General of Health - DGS (Direção Geral de Saúde).

Can a beneficiary of Personal Assistance suspend this care during the state of emergency? And how to proceed in terms of payment of wages?

  • Personal Assistance can be suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the payment of wages will depend on the maintenance of the respective employment contract in accordance with its terms. Personal assistants must not, however, be harmed by this situation.

How will the Inclusion Desk of the National Institute for Rehabilitation (Balcão da Inclusão do Instituto Nacional para a Reabilitação) operate?

  • During this period, the Inclusion Desk’s services will continue to be provided by phone or in writing; however, its face-to-face services will be suspended.



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