Have specific measures for extractive industries been approved?

Petroleum and mining industries, support services included, are qualified as "essential" and operation should not be discontinued during the State of public calamity, except in event of force majeure. The competent authorities are authorized to take all necessary measures to ensure that the provision of the above services is not discontinued.

In addition, air passenger transport services in support of petroleum and mining activities, national and international transportation of goods and cargo, as well as maritime transport services for the petroleum industry, also qualify as "essential public transport" and shall be maintained during the state of public calamity period, although subject to the health rules and procedures that may be established by Executive Decree 181/20.

The Ministry of Health has approved a set of new rules subjecting the workers allocated to petroleum operations to quarantine and self-isolation, comprising, among others, the following obligations and requirements: (i) workers travelling to Angola are required to conduct Covid-19 tests three days prior to arrival date; (ii) workers who are in the country and have been subject to quarantine are required to conduct Covid-19 tests three days prior to the term of the quarantine period, which has a minimum duration of 7 calendar days; (iii) technical specifications for quarantine installations; (iv) rules on monitorization of health of installations for staff subject to quarantine.

The Government is preparing an additional set of industry-specific measures that, presumably, shall impose a reduction of the oil & gas services and workers allocated to petroleum operations. 



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