For an interview for LUSA, Matthieu Le Roux (partner) and Rui Amendoeira (of counsel), do an overview about the market and about the expertise of VdA in legal counsel for international business in lusophone and francophone Africa, especially about the energy, financial, constructing and infrastructures sectors.

Matthieu Le Roux, responsible partner of the OHADA jurisdictions, claims that the clients “are not only present in one country, therefore it makes sense to have portuguese- and french-speaking lawyers and other local partners teamed-up to work in these jurisdictions”. He also claims that, besides lusophone Africa, “there are a lot of opportunities” for Portuguese companies in francophone geographies, looking into infrastructure sectors, new technologies and agriculture as the biggest “growth potential” and distinguishes Senegal among other “interesting” countries.

Rui Amendoeira, specialized lawyer in ‘oil & gas’, that handles juristic and regulatory issues in this industry in diverse regions in Africa, is optimistic about business in African countries, mainly in Angola, praising the diverse effort in economy that “is showing results” in various levels, namely in food production.