Américo Oliveira Fragoso, Inês Antas de Barros and José Sintra are participating in the 7th edition of the Advocatus Summit in a panel entitled "Future of legal-labour advice" in which they will discuss the main challenges facing this sector.

The Advocatus Summit is an event that aims to bring together business law, the economic and corporate sector, with speakers from eleven different law firms in Portugal, divided into fifteen thematic panels.

Assuming that human resources are changing and that the role of people in organisations is evolving, the panel proposes a reflection on the impact of these changes on the future of legal and employment advice.

The diverse composition of the discussion panel, which is not limited to labour law, with speakers with different backgrounds, including data protection, communication and technology, HR management and the management of legal services in the context of a multinational, are suggestions for a future of collaborative labour consultancy that will inevitably combine different backgrounds.

The reflection proposed in this talk will essentially address two dimensions:
1.Identifying the services/themes of the future of labour consultancy;
2. Mapping the tendencies of a future labour advisory model.

The Advocatus Summit takes place from 20 to 23 May at Estúdio ECO in Lisbon and will be attended by the Minister of Finance, Joaquim Miranda Sarmento, the Minister of Justice, Rita Alarcão Júdice, the President of the Supreme Administrative Court, Dulce Neto and the President of the Portuguese Bar Association, Fernanda de Almeida Pinheiro.

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